Video: Blake Griffin slam-dunks over a Kia Optima

It’s not every day that you see someone jump over a Kia Optima to make a slam-dunk.
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LA Clippers basketball player Blake Griffin did just that during the NBA’s All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk Contest over the weekend.Kia Motors has wasted no time either, already turning the dunk into an advertising campaign for the midsized sedan.Many have criticised the dunk – which eventually won the competition – as underwhelming given the Optima is only 1835mm wide and is relatively low at the bonnet, but I’d like to see all the knockers pull off the move.It was also an excellent demonstration of the Optima’s large sunroof, with Cleveland Cavaliers player Baron Davis making a cameo appearance with the alley-oop pass from inside the car.Kia is the official sponsor of the NBA, and stunts like this are the perfect way to get the attention of its target audience in the US, and around the world.Read CarAdvice's full drive review of the Kia Optima.