Video: MINI Cooper S helicopter jet edition

It sounds ridiculous but someone has done it: put a jet engine from a helicopter into the back of a MINI Cooper S. Why? We don't know, perhaps it's a case of why not? The jet-powered MINI Cooper S helicopter edition is currently available at your local dealer for... actually no, it's not an option available at any MINI dealer.
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The insane project was put together by an American company called BMP Design, in Texas.

Using a Rolls-Royce Allison 250-C20B helicopter jet, the MINI is converted to all-wheel drive, with the rear wheels spun by the thrust of the jet turbines. The front wheels are then powered by the original MINI Cooper S set-up.

All up, power is said to be around the 477kW mark. Meanwhile the torque of the jet alone is rated at around 570Nm - sure to suck the ducks right out of the sky - plus the 240Nm from the original 1.6-litre turbo Cooper S engine... it's just insane, there's no other word for it really.

Check out the video below for more details on this crazy project. The video doesn't really show a very good representation of the car's potential but the sound of the jet engine alone is intimidating enough and explains everything you need to know. You have got to love those roof-mounted exhaust outlets too - they'll stop the birds from plopping on your car.