Citroen has jumped on the Geneva-preview bandwagon and released early images and details of a couple of new cars it plans to unveil at the Geneva show next week; the Citroen C3 Red Block and the Citroen C6 Noir et Blanc.
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Citroen has announced it will be unveiling the new Citroen DS4 and the all-electric Citroen C-Zero at next week's show, as well as present the new e-HDi micro-hybrid powertrain technology which could become available on models almost throughout the range. For now though, Citroen wishes to preview these two examples that offer "expressive approaches to colours and materials".

Take a look inside the Citroen C3 Red Block and you'll see what Citroen means when it says 'expressive'. The dashboard alone features a sculpted angry bulldog which jumps out at you as a kind of 3D embossing. There's also new sports seats covered in rich red leather, and red leather lining details for the door trims.

Details of the C6 Noir et Blanc (black and white) are limited at this stage, but we can see the exterior features a number of chrome finishes as well as bright white paintwork. Meanwhile, the interior appears to offer a more grown up appeal compared to the C3, with lots of black leather and dark touches as well as contrasting brushed aluminium highlights.

Both of the cars are set to be concepts only, however, a number of international reports speculate Citroen will release them onto the market as a special edition variant at some stage.

We'll have to wait until the Geneva Motor Show - starting March 1 - next week for the full details.