German Mercedes-Benz-tuning heavyweight Brabus has released a few teaser images of what it plans to unveil at the next week's Geneva Motor Show. It will showcase, for the first time, a comprehensive tuning package for the new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG as well as a new tuning package for the smart fortwo.
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As this is just a teaser, limited details and specifications have been revealed. Reports say the Brabus SLS could get a 597kW twin-turbo V12 - a tuned version of the Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG engine. There's also a chance the Brabus SLS will feature a custom-build 6.3-litre V8.

The Brabus SLS will also feature a bespoke carbon fibre bodykit with additional details, scoops and fins on top of the already-brilliant Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG body. The car will also feature bespoke Brabus 'B' badging.

Meanwhile, the Brabus Ultimate smart fortwo looks as though it will feature traditional Brabus machined-alloy wheels, carbon fibre details, a Brabus interior and a decent hike in engine power thanks to some under-bonnet tuning.

Both cars are coloured in what could be the new fashion in Europe; matte grey paint as opposed to the recent fashion of matte black.

We'll be sure to provide full details and images of both Brabus debuts upon the Geneva Motor Show opening on March 1.