Dartz Prombron Black Russian China Edition

Need something to get you through riots, war zones, extreme terrain, land mine-infested fields and sheer cliff faces? Well, maybe not the last one, but here's a vehicle that defines the term 'heavy duty': the Dartz Prombron Black Russian China Edition. Even the name of the thing is big and intimidating.
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Dartz is a Latvian company that specialises in SUVs, military-type SUVs to be more specific, and the company recently decided to cater for the Chinese. In cooperation with Dartz and the Chinese Automobile Trading Company, this is the first vehicle the collaboration has come up with.

It features matte black paint for the ultimate night camouflage, and various super heavy-duty protection aspects. The exhaust, for instance, is made of tungsten as are the badges and gauges. The Dartz also has bullet-proof windows all round, bullet-proof 22-inch wheels and plenty of Kevlar coating around the exterior.

The Dartz is powered by a General Motors-derived 8.1-litre supercharged diesel V8 offering around 335kW of power and 850Nm of torque.

Interestingly, the Dartz Prombron Black Russian China Edition comes with a Rogue Acoustic audio system. We suspect this is there to drain out the unpleasant sounds of external explosions if the car were to enter any war zones.

The rest of the interior is equally civilised and includes a handy sat-nav-integrated dash fascia, leather upholstery and rear passenger LCD screens and tray tables.

The Dartz also comes with tow hooks front and rear, LED lights and a fairly ugly exterior design.