Lexus has just released a new commercial for the upcoming Lexus CT 200h luxury compact hybrid featuring Australian pop sensation, Kylie Minogue. The new commercial coincides with the launch of the CT 200h in the UK and kicks off the new Lexus advertising campaign called 'Quiet Revolution'.
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The new ad also features other well-known artists such as Mike Joyce from Smiths, Pauli Stanley McKenzie from Gorillaz Sound System, Joji Hirota and the Taiko Drummers. Speaking of drums, there's over 60 of them featured in the commercial that all contribute to a huge drum roll to announce the launch of the claimed 'first full hybrid luxury compact car'.

Belinda Poole, Lexus Director, spoke about the new car and the advertising campaign in a recent statement, saying,

"We believe the CT 200h is a revolutionary vehicle, bringing full hybrid technology to the luxury compact market for the first time. Our Quiet Revolution campaign is a perfect way of introducing this to the widest possible audience."

The Lexus CT 200h is expected to launch in Australia midway through this year. In the meantime, enjoy the giant drum roll and Kylie Minogue commercial below.