The Game has Changed - Toyota Aurion

Toyota has gone mad. If you've been on this site long enough, you would have noticed that we tend to run a fair few ads for the Toyota Aurion, this isn't really our choice, we simply source out our ad space to Google who then sell it of to the highest bidder. Whilst I am eagerly awaiting the new Aurion, I have to say that the amount of money Toyota is going to spend on marketing for the Aurion, is going to be gigantic.
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Toyota says that come the 5th of November (Sunday), they are going ballistic with TV/Radio/Paper/Street Signs/ Web ads for the Aurion prior to its launch later in the year. The main aim and focus of the new ads is to let everyone know that "the game has changed".

The TV commercial devised by Saatchi & Saatchi, will feature during Toyota's flagship sponsored program 60 Minutes on the Nine Network. Other networks will run 60-second versions, also from Sunday night. Dominating the TVC is a posse of helicopters patrolling above city streets at night - enacting a modern version of the game Spotlight.

The helicopters and their spotlights zero-in on all those cars that can't avoid the light - those that haven't changed with the times (you can bet these are Commodores and Falcons). They are eliminated from the game because they are found to be too cumbersome, use too much fuel or lack dynamic abilities - unlike the Aurion that "conquers" the city and wins the game.

Toyota Australia divisional manager sales and marketing Matthew Callachor said the TVC highlights the fact that Aurion has the most power and best fuel economy among naturally aspirated Australian six-cylinder cars.

"The Australian large-car market has been much the same for more than 40 years - dominated by just two players," Mr Callachor said."We're letting the market know that, with Aurion, there's a new player in the game - and that the game has changed. No longer are Aussie large-car buyers limited to the cars their dad bought or what won at Bathurst."It's no longer enough just to have brute force. You have to have both power and economy; you have to have performance and control. In addition, safety, reliability and the environment really matter in today's world."Aurion was designed and engineered to deliver on the unique demands of Australian large-car buyers - and it's built here in Australia. It's the modern alternative to the traditional Aussie six-cylinder car and we think it will appeal to the 80 per cent of potential business and private buyers in this large market segment."

Shooting the 90-second TVC involved five helicopters plus a camera helicopter, five 35mm cameras placed strategically around the city, a crew of 153, more than 100 extras and two directors. Some scenes involving helicopter footage were computer-generated.

Toyota somehow managed to convinced 269 building owners in the Wellington CBD to leave their lights on for the five nights to create the stunning city-and-bay skyline seen in the TVC - a scene not dissimilar to Manhattan. Mr Callachor said the marketing campaign and "the game has changed" theme were based on research with large-six owners and intending purchasers.

The new TVC was heralded by two 15-second "introductory" TVCs that aired from last Sunday (29 October). This ended a series of teaser ads that have played over the past nine months - possibly the longest pre-campaign in Australia's automotive history.

Mr Callachor said the Aurion campaign is comprehensive and includes a "media first" - full wraparounds of selected newspapers from 5 November. Saatchi & Saatchi executive creative director David Nobay said it was clear from day one that this was going to be a special launch.

"The communication is ultimately only as powerful as the promise - and with the new Aurion we had one hell of a promise," Mr Nobay said."Our confidence in the new Aurion has been translated to a very bold campaign. The campaign is a powerful demonstration of single-minded integration, too, with a myriad of touch points all banging home the message with equal confidence."Using an unsigned (so far!) Aussie band from Bondi called Sound Casino to create our theme was a great accent on our idea - pure Aussie talent, but so much fresher than the usual 'car-ad rock' fare."

If your really keen to know, details of the media campaign are outlined below


  • 3 x teaser TVC (February-October 2006)
  • 2 x 15-second "introduction" TVC (from 29 October)
  • 90-second launch TVC, 60 Minutes (5 November)
  • 60-second launch TVC on all networks (two weeks, from 5 November)
  • 2 x 30-second TVC (ongoing)
  • 3 x 15-second TVC (ongoing)


  • Wraps of selected newspapers and sports sections of major newspapers throughout Australia
  • Ownership of official magazine of Australian International Motor Show
  • Comprehensive schedule

Street signage

  • "Live" billboard - real car used in front of billboard, Sydney Airport
  • Signs pointing to Australian International Motor Show
  • "Landmark" outdoor billboard sites


  • Banner ads using the Spotlight creative
  • Microsite -