Video: Lexus LFA launch control tachometer close-up

Try to watch the tacho needle on this Lexus LFA without a smile creeping across your face.
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The film above demonstrates the Japenese supercar’s Launch Control. It’s a feature included in pretty much every fire-breathing performance car today, but this video is believed to be the first of its kind showing the LFA launch.It’s not a perfect takeoff by the driver, who appears to hesitate after the initial burst of acceleration. The 0-100km/h sprint appears to take closer to five seconds, rather than the 3.7 seconds the LFA is actually capable of. Despite this, it still flies from 0-260km/h in about 20 seconds before the camera cuts away.The audible and visual redline shift indicators are great to see in action, and only serve to increase the drama of the LFA’s incredible acceleration.