BMW to launch new sub-brand tomorrow

BMW has announced it will launch an all-new sub-brand tomorrow, rumoured to be called i-Setta. The new brand will also unveil the MegaCity Concept car which is said to be modelled on the original 1955 Isetta supermini.
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Think of it as like the Mercedes-Benz small car division, smart car, BMW's new 'i-Setta' brand will showcase very small city cars and other environmentally focused models. The first of which will be the MegaCity Concept.

The body of the concept is said to be made almost entirely of carbon fibre, weighing in at around 250kg to 300kg. According to a BMW enthusiast blog, the Megacity will also feature the same all-electric powertrain as the BMW 1 Series ActiveE CarAdvice reported on last week. This means power figures could hover around the 125kW mark, although it is early days yet and these are just rumours.

BMW said some time ago that it will be announcing a new sub-brand, previously saying,

"The Board has now decided: This auto Project iMegacity Vehicle will be launched on the market as a sub-brand of BMW. As BMW is the innovation driver within the Group, the decision for a sub-brand under BMW is the most logical step."

We'll be sure to provide the full details as soon as they are released tomorrow.