Toyota Prius plural officially named 'Prii'

Toyota has finalised all the votes from the recent Toyota Pruis plural survey, and after a month-long search, the winner is: Prii.
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From now on, if you see more than one Toyota Prius driving down the road and wish to address such excitement to your friend, Toyota and voters say to call them 'Prii'.

A number of different examples made up the survey, including Priuses, Prium, Prien and plain old Prius, but it was Prii in the end that made up the majority (25 percent) of the 1.8 million votes worldwide.

Toyota announced the new name in a statement saying,

"Prii becomes the word not only endorsed by the public who chose it, but also as the term recognised by Toyota. As such, has updated its entry for the word 'Prius' to reflect this."

Runner-up term 'Prius' had a close shot behind Prii, and made up 24 percent of the votes.