Hyundai Genesis 5.0-litre V8 R-Spec Preview

It’s the most powerful engine that Hyundai has ever built and it’s available exclusively for the Genesis 5.0-litre R-Spec model.
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While Australia hasn’t yet seen the Genesis luxury badge from Hyundai’s growing stable of new car models, there is every chance we’ll get this brand with the next generation car, should they decide to launch it in right-hand-drive markets. Let’s hope so.

At this stage, the powerful 5.0-litre direct injection engine is only going into the four-door Genesis, but if it ends up under the bonnet of the Genesis Coupe, that would make it a perfect halo car for the brand, and a whole lot of fun.

The specs on the 5.0-litre R-Spec engine are impressive, and it signifies that Genesis might become a threat to Japanese and European competitors in the sports luxury segment.

This is what Hyundai call the Tau V8; it’s designed and built in house, which means they can use it anytime, and in anything they choose. It makes near on 320 kW and just over 500 Nm, and is quite a sophisticated bit of kit.

The high-pressure direct injection system delivers the fuel at over 2200 psi, which increases power and torque, while increasing fuel efficiency and lowering the car’s CO2 footprint. In addition, the compression ratio had been increased from 10.4 to 11.5:1 for improved thermal efficiency and power.

Carryover technology from the 4.6-litre V8, include Dual Continuously Variable Valve Technology (D-CVVT), a tuned variable induction system, and low-friction diamond-like coatings (DLC) on the rings, piston skirts and tappets.

For such an increase in power, fuel consumption of 11L/100km is expected for highway driving and 12.5L/100km combined, are indeed impressive.

The Tau V8 is mated to Hyundai's new in-house eight-speed transmission, which will improve acceleration and shifts smoothness, while bettering transmission efficiency by six percent over the six-speed unit. There will also be a SHIFTRONIC or manual capability, although it’s not clear as to whether that will mean a sequential shifter, steering wheel paddles, or both.

For increased handling dynamics the R-Spec gets an aggressive chassis tune with larger stabilizer bars (front and rear) for less body roll, and standard fit wheels will be 19-inch alloys with machined finish and Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 summer performance tyres will be optional. Steering calibration will match the wheel and tyre package for better performance and driving refinement, and brake rotors have grown from 13.0 to 13.6 inches for more stopping power.

Cosmetically, the R-Spec will come with dark chrome inserts on the headlight covers to differentiate it from other MY12 Genesis models, as well as an R-Spec trim badge, black R-Spec embroidered floor mats round of the package. There’s a choice of only three exclusive colours; Black Noir, Titanium Grey and Platinum Metallic, with black leather interior and sports steering wheel.

Added safety features across all 2012 Genesis models include daytime running lamps and a new lane Departure Warning System (LDWS).

The Genesis and Genesis R-Spec prove just how far Hyundai has come in the last few years, and equally, how fast this automotive juggernaut is moving up in the automotive world.