Two Germans, Stefan Simmerer and TV host Dirk Gion, managed to break three world records in a wind-powered car in Australia recently, taking the 'Wind Explorer' on an epic 18-day journey across the country covering over 4800km, powered by wind alone.
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The car, called the Wind Explorer, uses an electric motor that is powered only by wind. At night time in between driving stints, the pair set up a large wind turbine that generates power all night. Then, during the day, if power is running low or if there's plenty of wind around, the co-driver whips out his kite to assist vehicle motivation.

In the process of the completely emission-free drive, the pair set three new world records: the first to cross the county in a wind-powered car, the record for travelling the longest distance in a wind-powered car in a 36-hour period, and the record for covering the most distance overall in a wind-powered car.

Take a look at the videos below for a bit of an insight as to how the wind turbine and kite system works.