2008 Volvo XC60 SUV

In a previous life, Volvo held passenger safety above all facets of car design, and as a result its range of vehicles had an uncanny resemblance to a tissue box on wheels.
2008 Volvo XC60 SUV
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With its bold and confidant styling, it should not be taken lightly when Volvo proclaim its attractive new XC60 to be the safest Volvo ever.

Along with the extensive standard safety features found in all Volvo vehicles, the new XC60 introduces the City Safety system.

2008 Volvo XC60 SUV

Whilst the full capabilities of this system have not yet been revealed, it does include the ability to avoid or minimise the effects of low-speed impacts through automatic braking if the system senses the car is about to drive into the vehicle in front.

"We are the first manufacturer in the world to offer this type of feature as standard. The car is packed with our accumulated safety know-how and technology, both when it comes to preventing accidents and protecting all the occupants in a collision," says Volvo Cars President and CEO Fredrik Arp.

Whilst local specifications are yet to be announced, the XC60 will be offered in other parts of the world with a turbocharged 3.0-litre T6 engine producing 212kW, and two variants of the 2.4-liter D5 turbodiesel producing 138 and 122 kW respectively.

2008 Volvo XC60 SUV

Currently offered exclusively as an all-wheel drive, a front-wheel drive version of the XC60 is expected to be added into the European market by 2009.

The first Volvo XC60s are scheduled to arrive in Australia at the beginning of 2009. Australian specification and pricing will be confirmed closer to the local launch.