BMW's Facebook page in Italy has asks users to vote for a special colour scheme they would like to see on an upcoming limited edition model, called the BMW 1 Series EDITION. At the same time, the company has announced the EDITION will be available on its new Youth Formula rate plan.
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The new BMW 1 Series EDITION will be marketed heavily towards younger buyers in Italy and will be available on an interesting rate plan BMW calls Youth Formula. This plan works in a way that allows younger buyers to pay lower interest. So if a 20-year-old buys one, they'll pay just 2.0 percent interest, while a 21-year-old will pay 2.1 percent, for example.

The colour scheme of the EDITION is yet to be finalised, however, as users of BMW Italia's Facebook page have been asked to select between 16 different colour schemes for the new model. The layout that receives the most votes will then been put into production thanks to 3M. Only a limited number of the EDITIONs are planned for production.

Both the interactive design survey and the rate plan incentives are rather interesting concepts and sure to attract younger consumers. The Youth Formula should also allow younger drivers to learn how to drive in something safer and more economical than a typical cheap runabout.