Video: Wherever You Want To Go - Reinventing Mobility

BMW Documentaries has released Part Three of its thought-provoking four-part Wherever You Want To Go series.
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‘Reinventing Mobility’ is perhaps the best episode in the series so far.

Following on from ‘Part One: The New City’ and ‘Part Two: The Future Just Isn’t What It Used To Be’, the third part looks at what we can expect from the vehicles of tomorrow.

The experts, scientists, entrepreneurs and futurists interviewed in the film believe that electricity and hydrogen will power us in the future, and insist that all vehicles will be connected to each other and the road and traffic infrastructure around them. The concept of ‘three internets’ is raised, incorporating information, electricity and mobility.

Also highlighted is the significant evolution that will have to happen to humans as well as their vehicles. Those of us who love getting behind the wheel of a brawny V8 and disappearing into a world of our own simply may not have that freedom in the future, when all cars are in sync with one another. Striking that balance could be one of the most difficult tasks developers face when designing future mobility systems.

Acknowledged is the fact that alternative fuel cars, while decreasing our dependence on fossil fuels, do not solve problems of congestion and vehicle cost, highlighting that EVs and fuel cell vehicles in themselves are not the answer.

Go ahead and have a look. We will post the fourth and final episode ‘How We’ll Learn To Stop Worrying And Love The Future’ next Wednesday.