Porsche Boxster E testing begins

Porsche has announced it has begun testing three versions of the Porsche Boxster E, an all-electric sports car based on the Boxster. The new cars will be apart of the electromobility scheme in Stuttgart and will be used as general means of transportation in the region to test the technology against the city's infrastructure.
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Porsche has described the new cars as "mobile laboratories" for testing the technology in the real world. Porsche is aiming to see just how feasible the cars are within Stuttgart's current infrastructure. Although there are no definite production plans attached to the cars, they will be the basis of upcoming models if testing goes well.

Engine and performance specifications are limited at this stage but we do know the Boxsters use two electric motors powered by a 29kWh battery pack. Porsche says the cars offer similar performance to a standard Porsche Boxster S, this means 0-100km/h in around 5.3 seconds. Not bad for an electric vehicle.

Power output is said to be 180kW of combined power. That might not sound like much but since we're talking electricity, the output would be available almost instantly at the touch of the throttle. Porsche says the Boxster is also the ideal platform to test a sports EV as it is a light car with adequate engine space in the middle for the battery pack and motors.