Saab Concept Car, 9-5 SportCombi, 9-3 models at Geneva

Saab is set to have a huge 2011 Geneva Motor Show, with four vehicles due to make their world premieres, including the Saab Concept Car – a design concept expected to preview future Saab models.
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The image above shows the four vehicles draped in sheets to conceal their identities.

The vehicle in the foreground is the new Saab 9-5 SportCombi, due to be launched in Australia either late this year or early in 2012. The overall silhouette and alloy wheel design make it a giveaway.

The next two are new Saab 9-3 variants: the orange one a 9-3 Cabriolet and the red one the classic clamshell 9-3 hatch. Saab says it will release more information on these two vehicles on February 23.

The final vehicle in the line, completely covered by a white sheet, is the Saab Concept Car. Little is known about the vehicle, which will be kept strictly under wraps until the first day of Geneva on March 1. The vehicle is believed to be a design concept rather than a production model, potentially previewing the next-generation 9-3 model.

From the silhouette we can see it features a longer bonnet and an overall lower stance. The traditional Saab shape is there, although the curved rear section has a shooting brake feel to it.

It’s hard to tell from such a small grainy picture, but all will be revealed in exactly two weeks when the Geneva Motor Show kicks off, and we will bring you all the news on the four new Saabs as it happens.