Suzuki Motorised Sofa at the Chicago Auto Show

The motorised sofa from the Suzuki Kizashi advertisement for the North American market has made its debut at the 2011 Chicago Auto Show.
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Much like a McLaren F1, the couch can seat three people, with the driver positioned in the middle.

Unlike a McLaren F1, it is powered by a one-cylinder, 169cc Subaru engine with just 4.25kW.

On the plus side, it is reportedly rather efficient, capable of around 5.9 litres/100km (although we couldn’t dream of driving this thing 100km). There is no word on top speeds or a 0-100km/h time (or 0-10km/h for that matter).

For the best description, it’s best to hand it over to Suzuki’s PR department, who could almost sell ice to an eskimo:

“This 1970s-era sofa commissioned by American Suzuki retains its original synthetic trim finished in a fashionable tan and brown plaid motif.“The sofa is complete with small tears and frayed stitching to meet Suzuki's overall design intent. The sofa also features a variety of loose coins, cookie crumbs and pocket lint resting just beneath the seat cushions.“The steering wheel is comfortably positioned at the centre of the sofa, making ingress and egress easy for passengers looking to accompany the driver on casual journeys. The throttle pedal is unmistakable in that it features a custom bare foot shape finished in chrome-plated metal with black accents.”

For those of you who haven’t seen the motorised sofa strutting its stuff in the American commercial, check it out above.