Citroen cars have always been quirky and/or interesting to look at, never dull or boring. This latest design would have to take the cake as the most stunning Citroen example, though. Meet the 2019 Design Study DS24, by Ugo Spagnolo. Although it's not actually a Citroen, it was heavily inspired by one of the company's most popular cars.
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The car was modelled on the original Citroen DS which was made between 1955 and 1975. The classic 'upside-down boat' design is still carried through to this breath-taking concept. It was actually designed by a student, Ugo Spagnolo, who sketched it up while he was studying at the Institut Superieur de Design in France.

The details and computer generated images have since been forwarded to Citroen's styling director, Jean-Pierre Ploue, who is delighted by the results. And who wouldn't be? From the sculpted arrow roof, to the buldged rear haunches, to the innovative sliding rear doors, this thing is just screaming to be produced.

Take a look at the video below for more of a walk-around animation of the concept and some of the history behind its creation.