Honda Jazz EV, plug-in hybrid platform at Geneva

Honda will display its Honda Jazz EV Concept and mid-sized plug-in hybrid platform at the Geneva Motor Show at the beginning of next month as the brand continues on its ‘Road to Zero Emissions’ strategy.
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Honda says the latest EV Concept hints strongly at the styling of the production model, which will be released in the US and Japan as the Fit EV in 2012.

The EV will have a range of 160km per charge. Drawing on technology already incorporated in the Insight and CR-Z, the Jazz EV will feature a three-mode electric drive system and interactive coaching systems to assist drivers to maximise range.

Honda’s charging system will also be on show, promising to be intuitive and easy to use.

The plug-in hybrid platform showcases Honda’s next-generation, twin-motor hybrid technology. The Japanese manufacturer is yet to reveal which vehicles will make use of the plug-in technology when it is released next year, although the Accord models appear to be the perfect fit for the platform size.

Honda says it will be able to be driven frequently on short trips in all-electric mode while also facilitating long-distance driving when required, drawing on the petrol engine either exclusively or in hybrid mode.

The 2011 Honda Insight will join them on the stand at Geneva on March 1 with revised suspension components and settings, equipment enhancements and new exterior colours.