Lamborghini hard drive and computer accessories

Need a Lamborghini hard drive to go with your Lamborghini Reventon? Electronics specialist, Asus, has released just the thing: a Lamborghini external hard drive.
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The design of the hard drive was inspired by recent Lamborghini models, with heat-extracting vents at the front mimicking the nose and indeed the flared rear end of current Lamborghini models.

It doesn't feature a V12 or V10 operating system but it does include USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connectivity, which means files can go from computer to hard drive in under 2.5 seconds (see instruction booklet for actual transfer rates).

The hard drive can also match your Asus Lamborghini laptop and Asus Lamborghini mouse.

It comes in 500GB and 750GB sizes. Prices for the hard drive are yet to be announced.