Kia Australia is struggling to keep up with demand for its brilliant new compact SUV, the Sportage. It's not hard to see why - the improvement on the previous lethargic model is one of the biggest turnarounds for any model in recent history (click here for the review).
Kia Sportage 2011
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That's of little comfort to potential owners, who would like to park one in their driveway, but can't due to demand. Having mentioned it in our Kia Sportage review, one commenter contacted Kia to find out how long. When posted, we checked with Kia Australia to see whether this was actually the case.

Speaking with CarAdvice today, Kia's Alyson MacDonald confirmed that the below email is indeed accurate.

Thank you for contacting Kia Motors Australia.The all new Kia Sportage has been in extremely high demand since launch of the vehicle, this has been the same circumstance in Australia as well. Orders of the new SL Sportage have been outstripping our allocation of the vehicle and this has been particularly the case with diesel models. There is a waiting list on all Sportage models with 2WD Si model having a delivery time of approximately 12 weeks, SLi and Platinum petrol delivery being 16 - 20 weeks and diesel out over 24 weeks.A new diesel engine assembly plant comes on line in Korea in April which may improve diesel engine supply a little but Sportage is not the only vehicle that uses the 2.0 litre R series diesel.

A six month wait for the diesel Sportage may be Kia's only problem with this car, and in a climate where buying can be quite fickle, here's hoping Kia Australia can improve the Sportage's delivery times.