Video: BMW documentary - Wherever You Want To Go

BMW is challenging people to think beyond what we currently know and ask questions about just what the future of mobility might have in store in a new documentary.
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BMW Documentaries’ first four-part series is titled Wherever You Want To Go, and gives viewers an insight into the future of transportation from the minds of some of the world’s most influential academics, scientists, pioneers and entrepreneurs.

BMW says the documentary does not attempt to provide definitive answers, but rather ask the right questions of the right people, generate a discussion and stir imaginations.

So far two episodes have been released:

Part One: The New City looks at what our cities will be like in the future, where we will be living and where we will be going.

Part Two: The Future Just Isn’t What It Used To Be compares our expectations of the future with reality; where we are now versus where we thought we would be.

Parts three and four – Reinventing Mobility and How We’ll Learn To Stop Worrying And Love The Future – will be launched on February 15 and 22, and look at how technology will change mobility in the future, and finally, look at the possibilities of what may be to come.The first two episodes are interesting and very well made, and put Aston Martin’s recently released three-part short film to shame.Remember to check back next Wednesday for Part Three.