Top Gear China on the way: report

Recent reports say China will be the next country to take on the successful Top Gear franchise and create its own television program. Rumours have been spreading for a while about the expanding franchise, but now the country's state broadcaster, CCTV, has apparently confirmed the show will be coming to China.
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The show would feature three Chinese characters and work in a similar format to the original Top Gear UK TV program. Reports say it will be produced in and broadcast from Beijing. A pilot date is yet to be announced.

As for the show's characters, only one TV personality has been marked as a likely candicate, Cao Yunjin, who is a well-known movie star in the country.

It could be a good move by the brand's creators as China's auto industry is currently expanding at an incredible rate. With sales of German and Italian supercar brands increasing by the minute, Top Gear China is likely to hold a very large audience.