BMW M3 by VF Engineering and Vorsteiner

Looking for the ultimate 'Too Fast, Too Furious' enhancement package for your BMW M3? VF Engineering might have just the thing. This is it: the ultra wide-body BMW M3 by VF Engineering and Vorsteiner.
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Obviously, the package includes one heck of bodykit. It's by Vorsteiner and called the GTRS3, incorporating massive wheel arches, wider front and rear bumper bars as well as deeper and sharper side skirts. It's all made of carbon fibre, too, so it may be excessive but at least it's lightweight - we suppose.

As aggressive as the body is, there's also been plenty of steroids pumped in beneath the bonnet, too. VF Engineering fits a Vortec supercharger into the middle of the 4.0-litre BMW M3 V8 engine. This takes power output levels up from the stock 309kW to a neck-wrenching 463kW.

Other enhancements include 20-inch, black-finish alloy wheels measuring 10 inches wide on the front and a hugely fat 12.5 inches on the back. Behind these there's also a larger Brembo brake package.

You only need to take a look under the bonnet to see just how serious these modifications are, and how different the BMW V8 engine looks. This is one massively modified M3. However, for better or worse?