Mercedes offers free young driver training

Mercedes-Benz Australia is stepping in where the local government continually fails to venture, offering driver training programs specifically tailored to young road users.
Mercedes offers free young driver training
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The program is available free of charge to both Mercedes-Benz customers and the children of Mercedes-Benz customers who are under 24 and hold a current drivers license.

Titled First Gear, the program will educate young drivers on how the car operates, how to identify and avoid dangerous situations, assess risk and safe vehicle spacing - all key skills sorely lacking in new drivers.

Participants will also undertake practical exercises such as emergency braking, evasive steering maneuvers, swerve-and-avoid exercises to demonstrate the operation of ABS braking, and experiencing how the car handles with and without electronic stability control in slippery conditions.

Mercedes has taken the first step, now its time the government followed suit and offered this to all new drivers - free of charge, might I add.

George Skentzos