Toyota Aurion Sports Concept

Toyota is really keen on letting everyone know that the upcoming "Commodore Killer" - the Toyota Aurion, isn't just another fridge on wheels. Its hard to get the Toyota Avalon out of my head, and with that mind, I can't think that highly of the Aurion, just yet. Nevertheless, Toyota Australia has unveiled a dramatic red and black sports concept sedan based on its new Aurion large car.
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The Aurion Sports Concept, created by Toyota Style Australia, is one of the stars of the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney. It features aggressive styling and aerodynamics with integrated front and rear air-dam diffusers, a prominent two-tier rear wing and 20-inch five-spoke dark charcoal alloy wheels.

Other special features include a floating grille frame with embossed mesh insert and twin exhaust pipes integrated into the rear bumper. Paul Beranger, Manager of Styling and Design at Toyota Style Australia, said the show car was an advanced styling concept from Toyota Australia's young design team.

"The Aurion Sports Concept is a vision for the future styling direction of Toyota Australia's sports-car image," Mr Beranger said.

"Many of the design cues are likely to appear on production vehicles that go beyond Aurion's new sports range, the Sportivo SX6 and ZR6."Our creative team is continually experimenting with ideas for the Australian customer. Previous programs such as Cross Runner and Sportivo Coupe have been winning concepts with the Australian public, and now the launch of the Aurion brings a whole new range of opportunities for Toyota to move into more niche market segments."This sports concept is just one example where we are testing the market and encouraging feedback from the public."

Mr Beranger said Australian drivers were unique in wanting both a sports car and a family car in the one package.

"The Aurion Sports Concept is one possible solution, with styling themes slanted heavily towards the sports car end of our youth market," he said.

Toyota likes to point out that the Aurion Sports Concept is purely an exterior styling exercise, in otherwords, its still got the same engine as the basic Aurion. Nevertheless, with 200kw, its not too bad. Toyota Australia is still keeping under wraps many of its styling and engineering plans for future models.

I am however very keen on Toyota selling a TRD version of the Aurion, hopefully a Turbo or Supercharged version of the Aurion will be released within the next 12 months.