New laws have just been introduced in Europe making it mandatory that all new cars, as of yesterday, sold in European showrooms come equipped with daytime running lights (DRL). The European Commission hasn't said that these lights need to be LED-specific, just as long as there are lights that switch on automatically when the engine is started. Identical laws for big trucks and buses will come into effect in August 2012.
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It's a great move by the European Commission, and for anyone who has driven in parts of Europe, such as Sweden and northern Italy/south France, it's already enforced with road signs pointing out that lights must be on at all times on certain roads and highways.

The European Commission says that more than 100 people die every day on European roads, and that the introduction of the new rules will help provide more safety and awareness, and will be a part of a new plan to reduce the overall road toll.

The Commission says drivers can detect vehicles using DRL more easily and quickly compared with vehicles that aren't fitted with DRL. It also said a car using DRL is not only more clearly visible to other motorists, but to cyclists and pedestrians as well.

It's a great idea and it could mean new safety standards might also take place in Australia sometime in the near future. New cars built in Europe exported to Australia are likely to carry the function.