National Parts under liquidation

National Parts, Australia's biggest independent distributor of automotive parts (which includes AutoPro retail stores), is to be liquidated following an announcement made to staff yesterday.
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About 300 jobs, mainly in warehouse, distribution and sales are to be axed. The staff are owed about $5 million in entitlements. The future of the retail staff will depend on the individual franchise operators.

KordaMentha (the guys who handled the Ansett collapse) which has been appointed administrator was quoted as saying "The viability of the company has been fatally wounded by high operating costs, a general economic tightening and continued decline in the parts industry."

National Union of Workers general secretary Charlie Donnelly said, “It is unclear if there are enough funds to pay all entitlements and some workers are owed up to 48 weeks’ redundancy pay”.

Although in this instance unrelated, the National Parts liquidation may be the first of many auto-related liquidations to follow the Mitsubishi plant closure in Adelaide.