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Generating publicity for a car company can be quite expensive, they can spend hundreds of millions of dollars branding their slogan (think “Oh what a feeling” and “zoom zoom zoom”), or if money is an issue, they can recreate their cars from ice.

Saab calls it the “Move Your Mind” room, which is located within the ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. According to the press release, the exhibit is suppose to give the public a look at the brand, its spirit, tonality (impressive light & sound) and core values through designs made completely from ice. Yeah… okay.

Saab ‘Move Your Mind’ cold room

Saab says the ice sculptures have been inspired by the brands progressive design, responsible performance and sporty driver focus. So if you put all those things together, you get the new Saab Aero X made from ice.

”The Move Your Mind room is designed to be a journey, a flow, a pulse which aims to disrupt and challenge the visitors perceptions of what is normal or expected. The installation is designed to create an audiovisual experience that defies the visitor’s senses. We hope that the public will find it thought-provoking and leave feeling more engaged with the Saab brand.” Simon Padian, chief designer for Saab.

Saab ‘Move Your Mind’ cold room

Perhaps Australian manufacturers can try something similar, using crushed beer cans instead of ice?