With Australia dealing with all kinds of adverse weather - floods, cyclones and ongoing heatwaves - other parts of the world are enduring other extremes. Due to very snowy conditions on a main highway in Windham, New Hampshire, US, a recent multiple car pile-up has caused what appears to be a Ford Fusion to nosedive into a ditch and do handstand-like acrobatics.
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It's fairly common for these snow storms to cause all kinds of mishaps on the roads, but this is something very unusual. It seems the Ford slid out of control or was pushed from behind causing it to veer off the road and plough into a deep snowy ditch. The car then pole-vaulted into the deep snow, which flipped it up onto its nose. How it has remained up in that position is unknown.

Take a look at the video below for more after-shots of this unusual accident.