Renault Wind Roadster Gordini

French car company Renault has revealed the next car to receive the ‘Gordini’ treatment following the launch of the Gordini Twingo and Clio models.
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The ‘Wind Roadster Gordini’ will be revealed this year’s Geneva Motor Show from March 1st.

The stylish two-seater has been billed as a ‘true driver’s car’ and as such wears the classic Gordini colours with Malta Blue bodywork and trademark twin white stripes, with Glacier white wing mirrors, grille trim, rear spoiler and a black gloss roof. Other unique features include 17-inch black diamond alloy wheels and a ‘G’ badge, which round off the Gordini exterior.

Inside, it’s an all-leather affair with black and blue upholstery, blue and white door straps, a blue steering wheel with white centre bands. There’s also a leather gear lever with a polished metal gear lever knob embossed with the Gordini name to complete the fit out.

If you’re after exclusivity in you’re daily drive, it’s hard to go past a Gordini badged car from Renault, given the history and credibility of the brand on Europe’s racing circuits from the early 60s when Armedee Gordini nicknamed "Le Sorcier" (The Sorcerer) began tuning road cars for Renault.

At this stage, Renault Australia says they have no plans to import the Wind Roadster Gordini.