Due to the ongoing crisis and anti-government protests in Egypt, a number of automotive factories have had to close operations and some have even put a halt to vehicle deliveries in fear of cars not reaching new owners.
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BMW, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz and Nissan have announced factory closures in the region for the safety of their workers, as the city of Cairo is inundated with rioters and protest havoc.

Mercedes-Benz/Daimler factories have sent workers back to Germany until further notice as the company monitors the situation, while BMW has done the same and flown two families out of the country.

General Motors international operations representative, Johan Willems, recently told Automotive News Europe,

"All of our employees in Egypt as well as our plant property is safe and secure. Our local team in Cairo is assessing the situation and will decide to commence normal operations once the conditions permit."

Nissan Motors also closed its factory in Egypt last Sunday and has announced it will remain closed until February 3. Nissan spokesman, Mitsuru Yonekawa, recently told Bloomberg News,

"We decided to close our assembly plant in Egypt due to the unstable political situation."

Meanwhile, Volkswagen has announced it is putting a stop on Volkswagen vehicle deliveries in fear that the cars will not actually reach their destinations.

Closures will remain in place until the protests subside.