Various reports and rumours are currently spreading the word that Jaguar is working on developing an all-new entry-level model to replace the old Jaguar X-Type and to rival the likes of the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. There are now talks that the new car could be modelled on the handsome Jaguar XF.
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If Jaguar decides to build a baby XF, it could wipe clean the rather dirty slate the old Jaguar X-Type left behind. Using the same design characteristics and the same James Bond 'everything's-stainless-steel' personality as the current Jaguar XF, a smaller version could introduce a more modern and majestic Jaguar to the premium mid-size sedan market than the old X-Type.

Of course, these are just rumours at this stage and any such vehicle isn't likely to hit the market for another three or four years, reports say. Jaguar is adamant on releasing a cheaper model into the showroom however. Andrew Hallmark, Jaguar global brand director, recently said,

"We need lower priced models, we need to play in that world. Whether we do one, two or three body styles, we can still decide. But we have to be in the lower price."

Mr Hallmark says the company is not about to make the same mistake as the Jaguar X-Type, which was a disappointment from a sales perspective. He added,

"If we go into the smaller car market, we want to build elegant cars with great technology that give a sense of occasion and position us above that competition - where Jaguar should be."

We certainly hope Jaguar comes up with something very similar to the current XF design. If the price is kept at a reasonable level, it should do quite well at breaking up the otherwise German-dominated market.