Video: Toyota Prius plural James Lipton interview series

You may remember last month Toyota began an advertising campaign calling on the public to vote on what it believes the plural of Prius should be.
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A shortlist of five was created – Prii, Priuses, Prien, Prium and Prius – with people encouraged to vote for their favourite. (For the record, Prii currently leads the way with 40 percent of the vote, ahead of Priuses (27 percent), Prius (15 percent), Prium (11 percent) and Prien (eight percent).)

The latest in the saga is a series of five online videos hosted by American poet and actor James Lipton, with each one supporting a different name.

They’re perhaps a little long and tedious, but most have their moments and should give you a bit of a laugh.

The campaign was launched following the unveiling of the Toyota Prius C Concept and Prius V at the 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit in February, which took the Prius family to four, joining the original hatch and the Plug-In Hybrid.

The most popular plural will be revealed and officially adopted by Toyota on February 20. To vote on your favourite, follow the link to the Toyota Prius Family website.