Ferrari 458 Italia crushed by Ford F150

Late last week, a south-west Sydney driver accidentally parked a four-wheel drive on top of two other cars at a shopping centre carpark. Rescue personnel then had to remove the four-wheel drive from the roof of the innocent cars. Someone in the US has just decided to do the same thing, only this time the four-wheel drive managed to park on a Ferrari 458 Italia, no less.
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The Ferrari subjected to the squashing was brand new, too, with just 805km on the clock. The incident happened last weekend in Florida, US. It's not clear how this accident happened exactly, but reports say the Ferrari doesn't appear to be damaged beyond repair, so there's still plenty of life left in it yet. Still, it's such a shame to see a car like this all crunched up.

Take a look at the walk-around video below for more saddening imagery, it was taken from an onlooker shortly after the incident.