2011 Gumpert Torante Geneva Motor Show preview

Gumpert, the German supercar maker that created the Gumpert Apollo, has revealed plans for its next no-holds-barred hypercar. Called the Gumpert Tornante, the car will be designed by Italian art house, Touring Superleggera.
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Although there are no official images of the car in its final guise, the car is likely to feature a long rear section like the Apollo to accommodate an all-new V8 engine, and an overall extravagant mix of air intakes, scoops and vents.

Also like the old Gumpert Apollo, the Torante will be a strict two-seater. Gumpert has said the new model will offer more elegance and comfort however, as opposed to the serious, track-focused Gumpert Apollo.

No official engine details have been released yet either, all Gumpert has said is that it will feature a carbon fibre monocoque chassis and space frame, surrounded by composite body panels.

The finished product, along with complete details, will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, commencing March 1.