2011 Citroen DS5 spy shots

Following in the footsteps of the funky new Citroen DS3, the French company is working on a DS5 version based on the Citroen C5 and Peugeot 508, as these recent spy shots prove.
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This new DS5 looks like it will present a large, puffy grille area and front fascia like its recently launched little brother.

The new car will be offered in wagon format only, offering a sporty personality, in that, it will be a little be higher off the ground than a normal wagon and feature an aerodynamic body.

It will also offer ample interior room, like a conventional wagon.

Other key elements include LED lighting, chrome highlights and an all-new version of Citroen's famous hydropneumatic suspension.

The other main headline to the new DS5 is it will be available as a hybrid. International reports say this will be Citroen's first ever hybrid car.

This new combination will apparently include a 150kW turbo diesel engine powering the front wheels, mated to an all-new electric motor powering the rear wheels.

So not only will it feature a 'high-riding' driving position, it will be backed up by an all-wheel drive system.

The combination is expected to showcase extremely fuel efficient consumption and emission figures - around 3.9L/100km while emitting just 120gm CO2/km.

Unfortunately, we aren't likely to see the DS5 in full detail until the Frankfurt Motor Show in September later this year.