Video: Aston Martin Rapide short film - Part 2

Aston Martin has released Part 2 of its short film Aston Martin Rapide. True Power Should Be Shared, showcasing more driving footage of the four-door luxury sedan, and unfortunately, more of the dodgy storyline and acting from Part 1.
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Of course, it was always Aston Martin’s intention to make the Rapide the star of the show, but a busted pushbike could have been a standout among this cliché-riddled poor-man’s James Bond rip-off.

Fortunately, the shots of the car and the sound of its 350kW/600Nm 6.0-litre V12 engine salvage some credibility, but we can’t help but think it would have been much more enjoyable to simply see the Rapide strutting its stuff, sans the ‘storyline’.

Given that Part 1 was released last Friday, we expect the third and final installment of the film to be uploaded this time next week.

Hopefully all our questions will be answered by the missing piece of the puzzle, although we’re not holding our breath. Perhaps we’ll just pray for a higher Rapide to plot ratio. Something in the region of 99:1 should do nicely.