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2016 Toyota Kluger GXL AWD Review

The 2016 Toyota Kluger still leads the seven-seat urban SUV sales charts, but with the arrival of the new Mazda CX-9, does Toyota need to lift its game to stay on top?

2015 Toyota Kluger Grande Review: LT3

The Toyota Kluger Grande leaves the CA Melb garage.

2015 Toyota Kluger Grande Review : LT2

The long-term 'Klug' gets a school holiday work out, and we ask our passengers what they think.

2015 Toyota Kluger Grande Review : LT1

Toyota's big seven-seat family SUV - the Kluger Grande - joins the CA Melbourne long-term fleet.

2014 Toyota Kluger GXL Speed Date

It was a normal day in the life of a busy family. First stop school number one. Second stop school number two. Third stop kinder. There was shopping, errands, work, school pick-ups and after school activities to attend. First impressions, I must say really do count. Hauling four school bags groaning with books and lunch boxes into the boot of the Toyota Kluger was a welcome joy...

Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid v Toyota Kluger V6 : Comparison review

The continual rise in the cost of living is no doubt front of mind for many Australians. One of the places we all seem to feel this pain is at the petrol pump. This is even more challenging for families, as the bigger the car, the bigger the bill...

Family SUV Comparison : Toyota Kluger v Nissan Pathfinder v Jeep Grand Cherokee v Ford Territory v Holden Captiva 7 v Kia Sorento v Mazda CX-9

In 2013 large SUV models formed the fourth most popular segment in the country. Fast forward to first quarter 2014 and the large SUV class is now the second most popular, overtaking utes and light cars. Australians clearly love big, high-riding practical cars, purchasing more than 10,000 large SUVs each month. Seven of the top 10 selling large SUV models are tested here...

2014 Toyota Kluger Review

Third-gen Toyota Kluger targets a first-in-class rating and it may just succeed...

2014 Toyota Kluger Review

It's third time lucky for a once-average SUV, as the new Toyota Kluger really steps up...

Toyota Kluger Review

It's no beauty contest contender, but the Toyota Kluger offers outstanding versatility, loads of kit and a silky-smooth V6 with plenty of power.

Toyota Kluger Review & Road Test

It'll keep Mum watching the road instead of the kids Model Tested: 2009 Toyota Kluger KX-S; 3.5 litre, six-cylinder, petrol; five-speed automatic; SUV - $49,990* Options: Metallic Paint $400 CarAdvice Rating: Here's an interesting fact for you: From the start of 2009 to the end of November, Australians had bought a whopping 168,537 SUVs...

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