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4WD Utes

Ford Ranger
  • Black trim does look good; Even the sticker pack works well to balance the big slabs of pickup panels; About time some Ranger wheels weren't awful

  • It costs the same as the Wildtrak and is the same as the XLT - so the value just isn't there; What, no floor mats?

Volkswagen Amarok
  • Ride both unladen and laden is excellent; Cabin design and finish is the best in the segment by some margin; Incredible value at this price point

  • No second row airbags or active safety kit available; Rear-view camera doesn't have the clarity we'd like; Second row seating doesn't offer as much legroom as the segment leaders

Toyota HiLux
  • TRD bits certainly add some flair to the HiLux flagship; Good engine refinement; Smart transmission; Decent space in the cabin; Better settled when loaded up; Great LED headlights

  • Still lacks latest safety kit that Ranger has; No Apple CarPlay or Android Auto; Missing some interior touches from TRD; Heavy steering at low speeds; Harsh ride

Mitsubishi Triton
  • Styling additions add to the exterior appeal of the sometimes polarising Triton; Diesel engine and gearbox combo are excellent; Infotainment system now at the head of the segment

  • Styling will still polarise a lot of buyers; Ride still isn't bang on when it's unladen like most dual-cabs; Steering still isn't great at highway speeds