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Upper-Large Cars Under $100k

Holden Caprice
  • Huge amount of rear leg room; impressive power delivery from new LS3 V8; jam-packed with features and still looks good on the road.

  • Fuel use has increased with new engine; no styling updates; no bi-modal exhaust option and ride can be firm at times.

Chrysler 300
  • Stupendous engine and exhaust note; tactile engine that works nicely with new eight-speed automatic; 300 SRT model jam packed with features.

  • One of the thirstiest performance sedans on the market; audible drone at highway speeds and feels heavy through corners.

Upper-Large Cars Over $100k

BMW 7 Series
  • Beautifully refined diesel engine and automatic gearbox; whisper quiet cabin with a sense of luxury; driver-focused handling but retains comfortable bump absorption

  • Some of the options are expensive; gesture control works but isn't really needed; SWB models aren't as expansive in the second row as some buyers will expect

Mercedes-Benz S300
  • Price; standard equipment; efficiency and range; interior luxury and refinement

  • Diesel engine noise; occasionally inelegant transition from motor to engine; hard to love over the near-perfect S350

Jaguar XJ
  • Characterful and potent supercharged V8 engine; still handles like a smaller car; distinctive design; brand image

  • InControl software has dated graphics; not much modern active safety equipment, rear headroom; too many extra-cost options

Maserati Quattroporte
  • Updated infotainment and active safety features; premium cabin; plenty of bite to match the bark of the engine, whether V6 or V8; exemplary manners on the highway

  • Sound deadening over the top; lacks conviction in spirited corners with steering rack rattle; cheap-looking switch gear

Porsche Panamera
  • Stunning design on the outside, captures the essence of the 911; and stunning design on the inside, heralding a new level of technology and luxury; feels lighter on the road; warp-speed performance from Turbo

  • Road noise on 21-inch wheels not good enough for this segment; can feel dark and cave-like in the rear; centre console reflects direct sun; Australian speed limits...