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Medium SUVs Under $60k

Volkswagen Tiguan
  • Excellent blend of practicality and fun; Slick instrument display and personalisation options; Punchy engine and clever AWD system R-Line pack looks neat!

  • Gets a bit pricey when you add all the goodies; Ride still firm in comfort setting

Mazda CX-5
  • Excellent pricing and equipment levels; Strong standard safety suite; Upmarket feeling cabin with quality materials; Better for storage than ever before; Great handling; All-wheel-drive powertrain a plus

  • Lacking the latest in-car connectivity – Apple CarPlay and Android Auto; Excruciatingly slow USB charge points up front; MZD Connect can be glitchy

Kia Sportage
  • Contemporary styling; Superb ride comfort; Well composed and very good body control; Fun to drive even as an SUV; Comfy seats, plenty of storage; Strong engine and good auto transmission; Good fuel economy; Loads of standard kit

  • Front-end styling isn't a match for the Euro-style rear treatment; Interior looks a bit drab; Infotainment screen also looks a bit behind the game

Ford Escape
  • Plenty of equipment for the money; Optional safety pack is a must-have at just $1300; Really good to drive; Steers and handles better than many other SUVs in the class; Infotainment is top notch

  • Diesel engine can be sluggish at times; Drivetrain eager to go for high gears to save fuel, but isn't frugal in reality; Not as big as some rivals in the second row or boot areas

Hyundai Tucson
  • Attractive styling; Incredibly well-equipped with loads of features as standard; Solid performance from its 1.6-litre turbo-four; Clever storage packaging; Drives well; Refined powertrain; Quiet cabin

  • Firm-ish ride – a little too busy for our liking; Seat cushion is a bit too firm; Double-clutch transmission can be indecisive at times; Too many hard plastics for a top-spec model

Medium SUVs Over $60k

Audi Q5
  • Refined drivetrain at cruising speeds; Attractive price point with good safety inclusions; Decent standard kit list; Infotainment system is very good

  • Dubious hesitation from dual-clutch and diesel engine; Steering lacks any meaningful feedback; Ride could be better considering high-profile tyres; Rear seat space is lacking for the class

Porsche Macan
  • Amazing six-cylinder drivetrain; Brilliant Porsche dynamics make you forget it's an SUV; Luxurious ride when you want it; Quality materials inside; Addictive exhaust note in Sport Plus mode

  • Safety equipment part of a long options list; Apple CarPlay option cost is rude; Back seat a bit tight for adults

Mercedes-Benz GLC
  • Looks and feels premium for the price; Not as impractical as you might first expect based on its swoopy roofline; Lots of safety kit and handy surround-view camera system is standard

  • Poor rear vision from the driver's seat due to plunging roof-line; Ride can be wallowy in Comfort mode; Not as sporty to drive as it looks

Land Rover Discovery Sport
  • Affordable entry point into a premium brand; Drives well once it's moving; Off-road credentials unmatched in this segment; Plenty of cargo capacity

  • Fuel efficiency isn't great in the real world; Engine lacks torque at the lower end, meaning it struggles off the line; Nine-speed automatic regularly hunts for gears



  • Technology and connectivity unmatched in this class; Flexible engine with impressive acceleration; Interior leg and headroom; BSI Basic offers five years of servicing for $1440

  • Ride is overly firm for city and country driving on 20-inch wheels; Stop/start system can be a little aggressive at times