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Seat SUV spied during the day

Our spy photographers have spotted the Seat SUV out testing in Europe. Although the car seen here is only wearing marginally less camouflage than the last prototype we spotted, the mere fact that this vehicle was spotted in broad daylight, rather shrouded by driving rain and the blackness of night, means that we have a better view at Seat's first ever crossover...

2016 Seat SUV spy photos

The upcoming Seat SUV has been spied by our photography team during on-the-road development testing in Europe. Wearing heavy camouflage all over and using centrally mounted temporary headlights, it's hard to make many details about Seat's first ever crossover. Peering out of slits at the rear, though, we can part of the tail-lights and their angular graphics...

Seat Leon ST Cupra becomes fastest wagon around the Nurburgring

The Spanish marque claims that its Seat Leon ST Cupra wagon is now the fastest production wagon to have lapped the Nurburgring Nordschleife. As part of its presentation for the Worthersee festival that's currently taking place in Austria, Seat announced that the front-wheel drive Leon ST Cupra completed a lap of the famed Nordschleife in 7:58...

Seat 20V20 concept previews 2016 SUV

The Seat 20V20 concept SUV "coupe" has been unveiled on the eve of the 2015 Geneva motor show. The 20V20 provides a strong hint about the look of Seat's upcoming SUV, which will be built in the Czech Republic by corporate stablemate Skoda and is expected to go on sale in 2016...

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1995 Seat Toledo Glx Review

This unique European special is nearing its 20th birthday, and is yet to hit the prime of its life. What a combination of attributes that makes this automobile one of the most iconic in Australia; devious good looks, spine tingling performance, ridiculous handling, and unbelievable rarity. Only a handful of these beauties were imported from the heart of Europe - the festive state of Espana...

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Seat SUV spied during the day

Seat SUV spied during the day

2016 Seat SUV spy photos

2016 Seat SUV spy photos

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