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2017 Kia Cerato Review

The already-impressive Kia Cerato has been upgraded and has launched locally with a refreshed exterior, new interior design and added safety features.

2015 Kia Cerato Review : LT1

On paper the Kia Cerato hatch is one of the best value-for-money small cars on the market.

2015 Kia Cerato Review : SLi Hatch

The top-spec Kia Cerato SLi hatch is a well-made, well-equipped and pain-free choice at the high end of the mainstream small car segment...

2014 Kia Cerato Koup Turbo Speed Date

We enjoyed a nice drive home, then headed to Melbourne's south-east to meet a few friends for a late coffee. Was stoked to be out with a great looking car for a night!

2014 Kia Cerato Si sedan Speed Date

There's nothing like a bit of an afternoon delight, so the Kia Cerato Si sedan and I set off across town for a late lunch and a quiet drink. The weather wasn't ideal, so the thought of some tapas and an open fire was appealing - and the little red Kia an eager starter.

Skoda Rapid v Kia Cerato : Comparison review

European cars are expensive, Korean cars are cheap. Well, that’s how the generalisation used to go at least. Yet here we have the new Skoda Rapid that, at $18,990, is the most affordable European small car on the market, and is actually $1000 cheaper than the South Korean-made Kia Cerato that falls just $10 beneath the crucial $20K barrier...

2015 Kia Cerato Review: S Premium hatchback

The newly added Kia Cerato S Premium may miss out on a gruntier engine, but it makes up for it with plenty of equipment.

Kia Cerato Koup Turbo Review

When a car company decides to make its first performance car, it's a bit of a big deal.

Kia Cerato Hatch Review

The Kia Cerato hatch joins the small car space at a time when competition is the fiercest it has ever been.

Kia Cerato Si Review

Mid-spec Si is the sweet-spot in the fine new compact sedan range from Kia.

2013 Kia Cerato Review

Myriad improvements over the old model transform Cerato into Kia's best model - and a strong small-car offering.