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2016 Honda Jazz VTi-S Review: Long-term report two - infotainment UPDATED

UPDATE: Model-year 2017 examples of the Jazz now feature an updated infotainment system, beyond the system reviewed here. (Honda had failed to alert media, slipping the update in under the radar.) See the bottom of this review for details. As we mentioned in our initial piece on our greenish-yellow 2016 Honda Jazz VTi-S, the little hatchback is in for a different approach for this series of long-term updates...

2016 Honda Jazz VTi-S review: Long-term report one – introduction

Our latest long-termer is the 2016 Honda Jazz VTi-S. Why did we choose it?

Australia's cheapest new cars

Looking for a new car on a small budget? Here are eight of the cheapest new cars available Australia-wide, right now. As you would expect, they are all micro or light cars and, unless otherwise stated, the price excludes on-road costs like registration, stamp duty and CTP. If you shop around, though, you can find great drive-away deals and special offers...

City car comparison : Mazda 2 v Volkswagen Polo v Toyota Yaris v Honda Jazz v Renault Clio

In the past few months, fresh technology once the reserve of expensive premium cars has made a final cascade to one of the most affordable classes – light hatchbacks. The ‘cascade effect’ is nothing new in the automotive industry, where advanced equipment starts only in the priciest cars and eventually filters down into cheaper models as years go by...

Honda Jazz v Volkswagen Polo : Comparison review

Not so long ago, buying a little car meant making big compromises. While some contenders had their strong suits, none could claim the all-round ability of those in the next class up despite costing just a few thousand dollars less. But before you head out and buy a Corolla, know this: the city car class of 2014 is growing up fast...

2015 Honda Jazz Review

Does the new Honda Jazz have what it takes to reclaim its glory?

2014 Honda Jazz Review

The third-generation Honda Jazz is gunning for the top.

Honda Jazz Hybrid Review

The Honda Jazz Hybrid is Australia's most affordable hybrid vehicle, but is it worth it?

Honda Jazz Review

The cheapest Honda Jazz is also the best one ... and one of the smartest light cars available...

Honda Jazz Review

The 2011 Honda Jazz is one of the more individual offerings in the highly competitive light car segment, and that's a great thing.