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The 2017 Honda Civic VTi sedan is affordable and inoffensive. But is there a catch?
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LIST PRICE Fr $22,390
FUEL ECONOMY 6.4/100km

2017 Honda Civic Type R review

Twelve years ago, I bought myself a Honda Civic Type R EP3 and it was a truly amazing car. When we started to renovate our house, though, we had to sell it. The last eight years I've had an Opel Vectra, Dacia Logan, and I still have a Mazda 3 hatchback as a second car. But I never got the amazing feeling I had with the Type R EP3...

2003 Honda Civic Type R review

The Honda Civic Type R is a Japanese icon with a deep history that goes back over 20 years. Its introduction in 1997 with Honda's EK9 marked Japan's entry into the hot-hatch segment, which was historically dominated by its European rivals such as the Volkswagen Golf GTI, Renault Clio and Peugeot 205 GTI...

2017 Honda Civic VTi-LX review

As a 13-year-old car fanatic, the concept of writing a car review and publishing it on the Internet was never one that really crossed my mind. I read CarAdvice news and reviews daily, and even write for my own personal blog – but that's nothing like writing my own reviews...

2001 Honda Civic Type R review

I purchased my Honda Civic EP3 Type R back in 2010, and even though I couldn't drive a manual, I still purchased it. And learnt how to drive manual very quickly. It came with Japanese rego stickers and the JDM E-tag system still attached. I was going to purchase a Honda S2000 but my left knee didn't fit without me contorting like a freshly-baked pretzel, so I went with the EP3 Type R...

2000 Honda Civic CXi review

I purchased this little beast as my first car. I got the car with 167,000km on the odo and I am the second female owner. This car has served me well since I bought it in 2014. Learning to drive it in accordance with how the acceleration and handling worked was a long journey, especially after learning in a Mazda 3 SP23. Two doors is often a struggle...

2016 Honda Civic VTi-L Review

I love this car. I needed to upgrade as I have three children, and my previous car was getting too small for us all to fit in. My only issue has been that the left hand indicator camera sometimes disconnects the phone connectivity, even if it is plugged in with a cable. I have an iPhone...

2012 Honda Civic Review

Life is about compromise. We were all set to get a Golf. After all why wouldn't you? We couldn't quite get the GTI though. All we could afford was the TSI. I tried telling myself it's a turbo AND supercharged. But really what it was saying was more akin to country AND western. It wasn't Gram Parsons, nudie suit wearing, rocked up country either...

2013 Honda Civic Review

Honda messed up. Back in 2010 their UK built, base model Honda Civic hatch hit the Aussie market with a price of over $32,000 or almost $35,000 if the buyer wanted an auto. When comparing to the perennial market leading Toyota Corolla hatch, Mazda's hero 3, or the up and coming Hyundai i30, all of which could be had for less than 25K for similar equipment, there was little wonder why it was a flop...

1996 Honda Civic Cxi Review

If you are looking for a cheap run about or second car look no further! You must get a manual though! I have owned this car for about the last 5 years, from 164,000 ks to 265,000 currently Car makers don't make cars like this anymore! This is my daily driver and has been very reliable over my ownership, I get around 7 litres for 100ks...

2012 Honda Civic VTi-S Review

This Honda Civic Hatch manual is now 2 years old and has travelled just over 24,000 kms. Very well made and considered excellent value for money.The Civic Hatch has a delightful 6 speed gearbox and the clutch has a very smooth action too. Spacious and very comfortable on longer trips. Very economical averaging approximately 7...

2012 Honda Civic VTi-S Review

Purchased this car about 14 months ago thinking I got a great deal at $19,990 drive away. The deal was clinched following a short 15 minute test drive on mainly flat highway. Less than one week later the car was returned with faulty door trim. Then I discover the heater not working until at 5 kilometres have been travelled...

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