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2016 Ford Mustang Fastback GT 5.0 V8 Review

A while ago, I was at a cafe catching up with an old friend of mine from High school, and he was telling me that he had recently got back from India to attend an arranged Marriage. I remember sitting there listening and thinking, who in their right mind would make such a large commitment without knowing or experiencing what they are getting? Fast forward to today, and funnily enough, I have experienced the exact same thing...

2016 Ford Mustang Fastback 2.3 GTDI Review

Very happy with this car from day one. Handling, power, braking all first class. Love the auto that always has me in the right gear and the ability to override partially and fully at will. The drive modes change the character of the car in a very clever way. You CAN take passengers in the rear but they need to be under 5'6"...

1968 Ford Mustang Review

“Just don't boot it coming out of tight corners, the last guy that did that nearly ended up in a tree” So goes the only stern faced warning from the owner of this rare Mustang. Fair enough I suppose. With stonking power and a value nearing triple the average salary, it would be wise to heed the advice and keep the right foot from river dancing my way into a grey gum...