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2018 BMW M5 review

Six generations on, and BMW's M Division has produced its finest sedan yet, the 2018 M5. A genuine tour de force in every respect.

2016 BMW M5 Pure Review

The 2016 BMW M5 Pure drops some kit, some kW and some dollars, to become a more purposeful version of the infamous sports sedan.

2015 BMW M5 Pure Edition Review: Track test

The 2015 BMW M5 Pure Edition is the most affordable M5 in decades. So how good is it?

400kW Club Comparison : Audi RS6 v BMW M5 v Jaguar XFR-S v Mercedes-Benz E63 S AMG

Chief executives sitting in lofty boardrooms make changes less frequently than the manufacturers of the cars they drive, or so it seems. One year ago we tested the BMW M5 and it was the only luxury muscle car with 400-plus kilowatts of power; the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG made 386kW, the Jaguar XFR 375kW...

2014 BMW M5 Review

Facelifted BMW sports sedan aims to hit a high M5 with the addition of racetrack-focused equipment as standard...

BMW M5 v Jaguar XFR v Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG: Comparison Review

It's the BMW M5 versus its rivals, the Jaguar XFR and Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG, as Germany and Britain battle to take over as chair-car of luxury performance sedans. Words: Jez Spinks. Photos: Easton Chang Executives have been in a rush to make money long before fictional Wall Street warlord Gordon Gekko proclaimed, “greed is good”...

BMW M5 Review: Track test

We go flat-out at Phillip Island Raceway in the new BMW M5 to find out if it's still one of the world's great four-door performance sedans.

BMW M5 Review

The Munich-based madmen estimate that the M5 will launch from 0-100 km/h in 4.4 seconds. Top speed is pegged at 250 km/h...

BMW M5 Review

BMW M5 Review & Road Test If Skynet was to make a car, the BMW M5 would be it. Model Reviewed: 2009 BMW M5; 5.0-litre V10; 7-speed; sedan - $241,816 CarAdvice Rating: - by Alborz Fallah with George Skentzos George: So there I was, late night in a German car park, Alborz was attempting to speak German to the BMW's computer, hoping it would turn the heater on before we both froze to death and I was fondling the dashboard of the BMW M5...