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2017 BMW i3 94Ah Review

It's the same car, but range has been increased. We jump behind the wheel of the new BMW i3 94Ah.

Should I buy a BMW i3? Is it suitable for country driving?

Electric cars are becoming a ‘real’ thing and are no longer a pipe-dream fantasy. CarAdvice reader Stephanie e-mailed us about the BMW i3 and wanted to know whether she should purchase the pure electric version, or the REX (Range Extender) version, which comes with a small petrol engine in addition to the electric drivetrain. Q: Hello...

2015 BMW i3: Week with Review

The BMW i3 is a game changer in the niche electric vehicle market. It's quirky looking with a focus on the use of sustainable materials, fun to drive and has a lot of character.

2015 BMW i3 Speed Date

I took the BMW i3 out for a day of shopping and boy, does it turn heads. Luckily I'm not the jealous type because there was a lot of ogling from passers-by, mostly due to its cute and quirky looks, and also because it's new to Australia. We were also frequently interrupted by people wanting to know more about this exotic looking creature.

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BMW i3 Review: a little car with a lot of character

The BMW i3 is an intriguing little car. It's quirky looking and certainly not your usual BMW design, but then it has been built from the ground up to be an entirely new car for the German manufacturer. We had both models through the CarAdvice garage, the i3 BEV or fully electric model with a 360V battery powering the electric motor and the i3 REX, equipped with an electric motor as well as a small range-extending petrol engine...

BMW i3 Comparisons

Audi A3 e-tron v BMW i3 v Citroen C4 Cactus v Toyota Prius: Economy comparison test part two

By now you’ve hopefully read part one of this economy comparison test, where we set out for 100 kilometres of urban driving. The aim of part one was to find out which of the four cars on test – Audi A3 e-tron, BMW i3 range-extender, Citroen C4 Cactus and Toyota Prius – was the most efficient, city-friendly commuter. And the winner was clear...

Audi A3 e-tron v BMW i3 v Citroen C4 Cactus v Toyota Prius: Economy comparison test part one

With fuel prices hitting decade lows in recent times, there has arguably never been a worse time to buy an economy-focused car. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great options out there for people who are thinking about long-term sustainability and doing their bit for the environment...

BMW i3 News

BMW electric future in the balance as board debates direction - report

BMW's eight top managers will take the unusual step of skipping next month's Paris motor show to discuss the future of its electric vehicles program, a new report suggests. Like most car makers, BMW's top executives will usually make themselves available to media and partners in the opening days of the world's biggest motor shows...

2017 BMW i3 pricing and specifications: EV range increased to 200km

The radical BMW i3 electric car has scored an upgrade, giving it a greater driving range in exchange for a small price increase. The rather clumsily-named new 2017 BMW i3 94Ah contains a battery with denser lithium-ion cells, yielding greater energy. The range in real-world driving increases to 200km on the pure EV (up from 160km) and grows to 320km for the plug-in hybrid...

Next BMW i8 could have 560kW, autonomous EV coming - report

The next-generation BMW i8 hybrid supercar could produce as much as 560kW and drive all four wheels, while a new BMW i-model will debut the company's most advanced autonomous driving systems at the turn of the decade, according to a new report out of America...

BMW i3 loan car program axed

Owners of the BMW i3 will no longer be offered the option to access BMW loan cars if they decide to go for a long-distance road trip. At the time of the electric city car's launch in 2014, BMW announced a loan-car program for buyers of the i3 that would see those customers able to take advantage of a loan car when they planned to take a longer trip...

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